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Thursday 27 June 2013

An Introduction

Last Christmas someone looking for gift ideas asked me if I have any hobbies.  I was caught completely by surprise.  Of course I have hobbies.  Lots of them.  I read.  I draw and paint.  I sew, embroider and crochet.  The trouble is, I don't do any of them very well . . . or very often.  Those things -- not well and not often -- probably feed each other.

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The question got me thinking.  I've always thought of myself as a creative person, someone who could pull off just about any project I set my mind to.  But when was the last time I actually did?  I'm pretty sure there's a part of me that wants to create -- it's the voice that says "I could make that" even though I know I won't try.  It's the dissatisfaction I feel when I walk past the sewing machine or when I find the easel in the back of a closet.

As these thoughts rolled around in my head over the last months I came to a realization.  For starters, I want to be creative, and if creativity needs to be fed and watered regularly, I'll have to work a little play time into my routine.  So I've embarked on a creative journey of sorts, one where I'm free to dawdle and loiter or skip merrily ahead if I so choose.

This blog is my travel diary.  I'll share bits of my life, my thoughts on creativity and, of course, the things I make.  Please join me.

Do you  consider yourself a creative person?  How often do you create?

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