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Saturday, 31 January 2015


I looked out the window this morning and something yellow caught my eye.  I almost dropped by tea.  A crocus.  Just one, sunning itself in a sheltered corner.  Naively stretching up and open like a toddler, up far to early in the morning.  Even here on the west coast this is an unusual sight for January.

I'll be linking to Sunlit Sunday, hosted by Karen at My Little Home and Garden.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Debbie over at Work Your Art is launching a new series where she features creative business owners.  Her first interview published over the weekend featuring yours truly.  I was so proud to see my words on her site.  When I read them over again I didn't hear the voice of a stay-at-home mom with a hobby; I heard a legitimate creative entrepreneur.

Here's a little sample to whet your appetite.  If you're interested, you can read my whole interview here.

How would you describe your work? 
I find a lot of joy in surrounding myself with pretty things that I can use every day, so that’s what I make – small luxuries that can be indulged in frequently.  I make home d├ęcor items – such a table runners and place mats – in a variety of styles and materials.  In many ways I’m still looking for my true aesthetic.  My work is always changing.  I’m really excited about a line of new felt table runners that will hit the shop before the end of January and I’m starting to experiment with printing my own textiles. 

In other news, I'm slowly working toward a couple of new table runners for the Dapple Shop.  I've appliqued these little leaves to wool felt and used my sewing machine to "sketch in" in some detail.  The final produce turned out very well, so I'm work on a similar one featuring these little flowers.  Stay tuned.  I hope to get these into the shop soon.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Growing My Blog

If you're visiting from the Grow Your Blog 2015 blog hop, Welcome!

I'm a mother and a creative, trying to find balance, beauty and joy in the every day.  This blog began as an extension of my Etsy shop, so you'll find the occasional bit of shop-related news here, but I write primarily about my daily life.  

This lovely lady makes regular appearances on the blog.  Here Miss S is demonstrating how she can climb through the famous "green thing" at our local playground.

Miss S and I go on lots of adventures too.  She notices everything.  I take pictures.  This one shows a cloud of translucent mushrooms billowing from a tree trunk.  Little wonders are everywhere.

My garden is only just beginning to wake.  The bluebells aren't quite as tall as this picture (taken last February) shows, but they are up, green and fresh amid last year's soggy leaves.

I also like to craft and sew, sometimes for my shop and sometimes for myself.  These clear blue fabrics are my current antidote against the infinite greyness of a West Coast winter.  I cut these flower shapes out last night and have a project in mind, but you'll have to come back later to see what it is.  

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Bird Seed

I'm curled up by the fire with a nice hot honey and lemon drink, reviewing the last ten days of pictures.  Christmas.  Then Christmas again.  Happy, wiggly kids hyped up on sugar and festivity.  A few walks to the park or the beach.  Not represented on the memory card: lazy days of reading books and taking afternoon naps.  Tomorrow real life resumes.

One of those little outings included a container of bird seed.  Just shake it and the ducks look up.  Pop the lid and they paddle to shore.  These ducks know the drill.  Tossed seed bounces off their backs.  Soft quacks.  Bobbing heads.  Wagging tail feathers.  The party grows.

Then it's not just ducks.  Seagulls watch from a distance.  This Canada Goose makes his way to the front of the line and sticks his head right into the container of seed.  Bold.

Shoo!  The last sunlight of the day glints off his dark beak and he gives me the stink eye.

I'm linking, with these few precious rays of west coast winter sun. to Sunlit Sunday hosted by Karen and My Little Home and Garden.