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Sunday 4 January 2015

Bird Seed

I'm curled up by the fire with a nice hot honey and lemon drink, reviewing the last ten days of pictures.  Christmas.  Then Christmas again.  Happy, wiggly kids hyped up on sugar and festivity.  A few walks to the park or the beach.  Not represented on the memory card: lazy days of reading books and taking afternoon naps.  Tomorrow real life resumes.

One of those little outings included a container of bird seed.  Just shake it and the ducks look up.  Pop the lid and they paddle to shore.  These ducks know the drill.  Tossed seed bounces off their backs.  Soft quacks.  Bobbing heads.  Wagging tail feathers.  The party grows.

Then it's not just ducks.  Seagulls watch from a distance.  This Canada Goose makes his way to the front of the line and sticks his head right into the container of seed.  Bold.

Shoo!  The last sunlight of the day glints off his dark beak and he gives me the stink eye.

I'm linking, with these few precious rays of west coast winter sun. to Sunlit Sunday hosted by Karen and My Little Home and Garden.


  1. The rays of sunshine you found are more than were evident here today, so thank you for bringing them to ☀Sunlit Sunday. Your little one must get a thrill out of feeding the ducks, Cristal. I suspect she finds them a more agreeable size than the Canada geese. It is certainly a beautiful spot for a family adventure.

    Have a lovely week.


  2. This brings back memories of taking our kids to feed the birds...our oldest left the nest just before Christmas...and the youngest (almost 21) won't be here much longer...That last photo belongs in a frame because they grow up so fast! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  3. The pictures are wonderful and your words a lovely accompaniment. The present tense gives such a sense of immediacy to writing. Back to real life tomorrow. Sigh. It's been a good break.

  4. Beautiful pics! The first one is my favorite. My kids would be in heaven feeding ducks like that. The most we get around here is a chicken or two. :)

  5. You've got more sunshine in Vancouver than we have here!

  6. Such lovely light to work with at that location! The goose's expression is hilarious, and I love how Miss S's outfit gives the last picture such composition - her coat blending in with the natural landscape, and the pink of the hat and boots popping out to call attention to her.

  7. What a lovely way to spend time with your little girl, the pink hat & boots really pop!
    Thanks for visiting me in Normandy, all the best for 2015.

  8. What fun and a lovely way to end the holidays! Gorgeous shots of your little one and her feathered friends. Now I want a pink hat and boots!

  9. These are wonderful photos Cristal. I hear it's been rather cold and nasty there....well I guess all across the country it is. Enjoy your week of 'back to normal'. Pam

  10. I will admit to being envious of the sun....we had snow last night. But it might bring some sun in the next few days.

    Your photos are so lovely with the sun fading down into the sky...beautiful.


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