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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Be My Valentine

It's February and that most romantic of days is just around the corner.  To celebrate, I've marked down all the pink and red items in my Etsy shop by 10%.  Head on over.  You just might find something that you love at a great price.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Honeysuckle and Rose Hip

My sister gave this embroidery kit years ago, before my first trip to Europe.  I had hoped to stitch on the plane, but dainty embroidery scissors could be used to kill, you know.  Instead I put in a few stitches in here and there -- hotel rooms, cafes, Oma's living room.  This little Honeysuckle Slipper is so bound up with happy memories that, a couple of years later, I bought the matching Rose Hip Slipper to take on another trip.

I did cross stitch as a teenager, but these are my first real attempts at embroidery.  I love the lack of counting.  No rows or boxes.  Just a fine outline and the freedom to fill it as I choose.  

I came across these recently and, over the last two evenings, put the final stitches into them both.  (Finishing is not my forte).  They still need a wash and an iron, then I'd like to make them into something.  I'm not sure what, so ideas are welcome.