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Thursday 5 February 2015

Honeysuckle and Rose Hip

My sister gave this embroidery kit years ago, before my first trip to Europe.  I had hoped to stitch on the plane, but dainty embroidery scissors could be used to kill, you know.  Instead I put in a few stitches in here and there -- hotel rooms, cafes, Oma's living room.  This little Honeysuckle Slipper is so bound up with happy memories that, a couple of years later, I bought the matching Rose Hip Slipper to take on another trip.

I did cross stitch as a teenager, but these are my first real attempts at embroidery.  I love the lack of counting.  No rows or boxes.  Just a fine outline and the freedom to fill it as I choose.  

I came across these recently and, over the last two evenings, put the final stitches into them both.  (Finishing is not my forte).  They still need a wash and an iron, then I'd like to make them into something.  I'm not sure what, so ideas are welcome.


  1. They are lovely. It's fun to finish things up - even after many years. I remember a set of Christmas ornaments (embroidery and felt) that took me about 16 years to finish. Framed and hanging together in a little cranny would be pretty. Or with a larger collection of small pieces - like a gallery wall.

  2. Lovely! (And by the way, I just got sidetracked browsing your shop's collection of crocheted baskets: they are charming. I especially like the white-and-colour variegation.)