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Saturday 13 December 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge: Christmas

Our community goes all in for street decorations and I'm lucky enough to live just a block off the village centre where the lights are brightest.  

Miss S -- aged two and half this Christmas -- is in rapture.  We make every possible excuse to walk down Goldstream, and excuses are easy to come by as that's the logical route to the library, the playground, the grocery store and the fabric store.  

 Now that I've wet your appetite for lovely Christmas light street scenes, I have to confess that my camera has spent far too much time alone at home.  I'm hoping to bring it along and catch twilight as the lights come on one of these days, but you'll have to content yourself with day time photos taken under grey skies.

Linking to Donna's Personal Photo Challenge.  Please visit the other participants as I'm sure their Christmas scenes will get you in the spirit.


  1. So glad to see this post pop up! I love the street scene - your little town does such a great job of decorating at Christmas time.

  2. As much as I like our snow in Ontario, it would be nice to stroll down a Christmas lit street without winter gear on. Love the blue ball in the tree.

  3. Beautiful street scenes....it is nice when the community adds to the spirit.

  4. How lovely to have a walking route through such charming, Christmas-y streets! Nice shots, Cristal!

  5. What a beautiful street to walk down! I love Christmas lights! Hope you can get out at night and take more photos. Happy holidays, Diane

  6. I have never lived in the city but these scenes are truly quaint and lovely. I remember as a little girl going into the surrounding cities to admire the lights all around. These a beautiful shots!

  7. I can see why little Miss S is captivated on her walk to the library - it all looks very festive!
    It's lovely to see things through children's eyes even more so in this wonderful season of Christmas.
    Shane x

  8. Beautiful street scenes!
    Have a lovely Christmas time!

  9. Very pretty and festive! I love the little one gathering sticks in the prior post as well. She's adorable.

  10. Uma rua muito agradável! Você ajuda nossa imaginação a ver as luzes noturnas! Obrigada!
    Eu desejo um feliz Natal para você e sua família!
    Um abraço!
    A very nice street! You help our imagination to see the night lights! Thank you!
    I wish a happy Christmas to you and your family!