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Friday 14 November 2014

Cold and Sunny

It's finally turned cold here -- and beautifully bright and sunny.  There's frost in the mornings and I've revived my winter ritual of sitting in front of the pellet stove in the mornings with a cup of coffee.  Ah, the little pleasures!

Other little pleasures:  fresh air and a glimpse of the world through a toddler's eyes.  We've been collecting sticks lately.

This deck of this boardwalk was slick with frost in the shady spots but thawed and dried instantly when the sun hit it.

Miss S's older cousin sometimes visits for the morning, so we had company on this walk.  The girls got their gum boots wet in the lake then sat side by side on the dock for a snack of oranges and almonds.  There are some very sweet pictures of them together, but I try not to post other people's children here.

I'd be interested to know what others do with photos of other people, especially kids.  Do you get permission, completely avoid posting them, or just go for it?

Finally, I have finally posted these new placemats in the shop.  It took longer than expected to finish them off, but here they are.  I think they're perfect for winter -- not overtly Christmas-y, but filled with mountains and forests and woodland critters in cool snowy colours.  

Thanks for visiting, and please remember to leave me a comment if you have thoughts on the photo issue.


  1. I try not to post too many photos of kids/people, but it's hard not to. And getting permission is important.
    Love those new placemats - perfect for the season that lasts a lot time!

  2. I only post non-recognizable ones of others, like from the back. And I ask other people not to put pics of my kids on fb, etc. I also stick to low quality pics since I hope they'll be less apealing, but since you are a gifted photographer, I don't see that working for you. :) You can turn off the right click on your blog too for a little added protection.

  3. I usually ask before I post and don't post that many either. Stay warm this week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. Well! How remarkable is it that I should at last drop in to visit when this photo quandary is the subject at hand? I think non-recognizable photos are completely acceptable. Permission hereby granted. Pseudonyms are also prudent - as well as being good fun like a game of dress-up. The cousin in question has gone by "Portia" now and again, but you may employ whatever you like. She is enjoying those mornings with you two so very much. It will be delightful to keep in touch with you this way, through the blog. I'm eager to find a spare hour to review the 'back issues' for more pictures of both the adventures of sweet Miss S. and your beautiful sewing projects. May I scatter hopelessly late comments throughout the old posts? Love to you three!