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Friday 7 November 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge: Trees

The vibrant fall colours that I was hoping to show you never materialized.  As more and more leaves skitter ahead of me down the sidewalk, I'm beginning to realize that they aren't coming; they've passed us by completely this year.  In exchange for those reds and oranges, we've enjoyed a warm autumn.  No frost yet.  Cherry tomatoes and zucchini are still ripening in my garden (in November).  The days are shorter, yet wool coats languish in the back of the closet while we enjoy more than our share of sunny Sunday afternoons.

Taken with my Nickon 1 J2:  Aperture Priority,  f/10,  1/100 sec,  ISO 200

I took these photos on one of those unexpectedly sunny weekends.   What started as a family walk turned into a family frolic.  We chased each other around tree trunks and twirled until we fell over.  We collected acorns and dueled with sticks.  The silliness that a two-year-old brings out is amazing.

Taken with my Nickon 1 J2:  Aperture Priority,  f/10,  1/125 sec,  ISO 200.

I even took some pictures.  for these first two I was experimenting with sun stars and perspectives on those long tree shadows.  These Garry Oak trees have already dropped most of their leaves and I like their bare, linear look.  The black and white treatment accentuates this.

Taken with my Nickon 1 J2:  Aperture Priority,  f/10,  1/125 sec,  ISO 200

Finally, looking straight up into the sky.  I especially like the bits of sunlight on the centre tree.

Challenges during this photo shoot had to do, for the most part, with doing two things at once.  Let's just say that camera settings for trees against bright sky are very different from those for family silliness among falling shadows.  I was going back and forth, wishing for more efficient controls, and not always getting it right.  Oh well.  The fun far outweighed the camera frustration.

Linking to Donna's Personal Photo Challenge, and looking forward to seeing everyone else's trees.


  1. The fun ALWAYS comes first. Despite the challenges of a fast-moving 2-year old, you did a splendid job. I adore the long shadows of late afternoons. That's one of the best things about this time of year! And the tree shadows create such fabulous leading lines. Starburst effects are a bit tricky to do, especially when you are trying to avoid blowing out the exposure of a scene. You did an admirable job. An f-stop around 22 (stopped down) will give you more definition on the starburst effect. I love that last shot. I feel like I am lost in one of the forests in the Lord of the Rings! So tall and stately.

  2. I agree! Your photos to feel like they have a fun factor! And I love the long shadows on the grass! With a cute little one....you win the prize for cuteness! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Diane

  3. I'm glad you did a photo in B&W of the first area of trees. When you look at the first photo the dark green of the grass pulls your eye toward it and then in B&W, the trees stand out beautifully. I love the sun coming through the trees too.

  4. Fun photos, alright! Love those long shadows and the looking up into the sky.

  5. All three of these are really excellent. I like the long shadows, especially the black and white. Nice!

  6. I have enjoyed this post, the photo's are all lovely.


  7. Belas fotos! As sombras são fantasticas! Parabéns !
    Um abraço!

    Beautiful photos! The shadows are fantastic! Congratulations!

  8. I just love these sun and shadow shots! Beautiful!

  9. One might think the last photo was one of spring... I like it a lot...gnarly trunks and limbs, fuzzy green bits, cloud and sky...rather magical!

    My favorite is of your little girl playing...that is delightful!

  10. These are so beautiful...I love the shadows in the first one and although I love the leaves at all stages, there is just something about those bare bones when the are without them. My favorite perspective, like your last one, is looking straight up fro the trunk. Have a great weekend!

  11. Cristal, your tree shots are wonderful!! You have captured the playful mood in the first, while still featuring the trees and their shadows. Love your choice of black and white for the second. And the sunlight on the tree in your last shot catches my attention as it did yours.

  12. Love your trees..the photography superb, and the fact that you thoroughly enjoyed romping around with your daughter.
    Have also enjoyed reading some of your previous posts, enjoying your creativity...in the previous post. Thanks for popping into my part of the world also.

  13. Love all your shots- I can almost feel the fun you're having in that first shot- I can hear her little squeals! ENJOY while they are young- they grow up far too fast. Mine are now grown and gone and I'm left wondering where the time has gone... I too love the sun on the tree in the final shot- just beautiful. And such an interesting perspective, looking up... waaaay up.

  14. Love the shots especially the ones with the shadows...how cool they look. And I love to look up in trees...really put life in perspective. Thanks for the great post!

  15. Very nice, and I do love those long shadows...don't you just love this time of year?


  16. I love your 'tree' photos Cristal.
    The one of you playing hide and seek is lovely.
    I love the structure of trees and their strength.
    It was a fun challenge.

  17. Yes, as everyone before me have said already, these three are beautiful photographs of fall. Bravo. I especially love the last one. My style tends toward journalism - telling a story - and so is focused on the people and what's happening at ground level. Your picture inspires me to tilt my camera straight UP for a change!