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Monday 8 July 2013

Of Wasps' Nests and Other Beauties

Souvenirs from the great outdoors tend to land on the dining room table.  It's become a tradition.  When little bits of nature fascinate, I bare them home for continued admiration.  Fragile flowers or crunchy leaves don't last long.  Other bits linger long enough to be joined by new finds, and certain rare treasures hang around longer still.  I once kept the two intact halves of a robin's egg -- palest blue against a white plate -- for weeks.  

Like the egg, these pieces of wasps' nest are holding my interest.  I found them in the garden, knocked off the roof, I suspect, by workmen this spring.  They are more empty space than substance.  I marvel that such perfect geometry was wrought by the hovering pests that I swatted away from last summer's barbecues.  

The pieces of wasp nest are joined here by a seashell that Little Miss S plucked from the tide last weekend.  A pot of succulents from the garden adds life and vigor to the collection.  It's that beautiful geometry that ties the three together -- line and balance and shape.

How, you might wonder, does all this tie into my creative quest?  Plopping organic keepsakes on plates probably doesn't qualify as creativity, but certainly feeds it.  What inspires you?

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  1. Same as you. Found things. Contrasts. This definitely counts as creativity.