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Monday 18 November 2013

Bread and Cookies

With the craft fair coming up and a few other things on the go, my to-do list had become oppressive and the Little Miss kept getting in the way.  Untold tension.  A couple of days ago it became very clear to me that I had mislaid my priorities and I set about setting things straight.

I began by taking the Little Miss on a long walk -- settling for both of us.  On the way home I bought bread.  I bought bread.  I don't do that very often, preferring to do without if I don't have time to bake right away.  It had, however, been days.  Leftovers were slim and Gary -- who relies on bread for the backbone of a lunch -- was making quick work of the crackers I keep on hand for toddler snack emergencies.  Toddler snack emergencies, incidentally, were up.  That loaf of store-bought multigrain eliminated the most oppressive task on my list -- not the hardest or the one that would take the longest, but the one that emanated the most guilt.  It tasted like freedom with jam.

Instead of baking bread, I baked cookies.  With help.  This undertaking -- letting the Little Miss help in the kitchen -- was a first and it was spectacularly successful.  I held her so she could look into the mixer at the butter and sugar.  I passed her the filled measuring cups of flour and oats.  She dumped them into the bowl.  Before I knew it, she was sitting on the counter spooning dry ingredients into the mixer with a spoon and discovering that chocolate chips (previously unknown to her) taste good.  Then I taught her how to lick the beater.

Between the bread and the cookies, I felt like I had gotten something right for once.  That sense of accomplishment has persisted for a couple of days now.  Do you ever feel this way?


  1. Good job, mama . . . every kid needs to learn how to lick the beaters. :) It is easy to get carried away with projects, isn't it.

  2. Oh yes - this is a lesson I learned over and over - and you will, too. As Andrea said, Good job, mama.

  3. The moment that you first learn to lick the beaters stays in your head forever...you have just started her on the road to creative enjoyment through baking. That's wonderful, and so fun.


  4. Something we all loved mas children but it was licking the spoon as cake mixers were not invented. Not for home usage anyhow.

  5. Reminds me of when i was a child with my cousins at my Nan's house - we used to squabble over licking the wooden spoon!