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Monday 2 December 2013


The skies are bright and clear and it's cold out there today.  Coat and hat and mitts.  I always take care to bundle my Little Miss these days, but getting out the door can be such a feat that sometimes I skip my own coat.  I made that mistake this morning and was it ever cold.  The car doors stuck a little.  What was I thinking?  Fortunately, it was a short drive -- just a couple of turns to drop off Miss S for her play date.  Next week, her little friend will come here for a morning.  It's a good arrangement.

The extra light and the clear sky (and maybe that shock of cold) must have breathed energy into me, because I spent this morning on a serious de-cluttering of the house.  I'm writing from an armchair by the fire where I can admire the open floor, the books neatly lined up, the gleam of light on empty surfaces.  After a week of heavy, grey skies outside and the flu inside I really needed to clean out the cobwebs -- literally and metaphorically.  All is right in my world and I feel ready to step into Christmas.

What brings alignment to your world?


  1. Things are looking less cluttered around here, too. I scrubbed (literally) the kitchen floor this morning and applied a coat of wax. It looks so shiny I don't know if I can actually go in there and cook. Actually, the clutter is building again because there are a few Christmas things sitting on the dining room table that need to be put into place.
    Physical decluttering works mentally for me, too. And finishing things.

  2. Those clear days are the best ones, I will take the cold for the light.

    And I am holding off on Christmas decorating...I like the sparse look of winter here.


  3. Crystal...I finally got a photo of your adorable gift bags on my MBD face book page...sorry it took so long, kept meaning to do this for the last few weeks. I will also add it to a post in the next day or so...I hope it brings some traffic to your Etsy site. The bags are gorgeous.