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Monday 14 April 2014

Works in Progress

Sometimes I go about my day and write about it after the fact as a means of reflection.  Sometimes, to be completely honest, I add things to my day specifically so I can write about them. Blogging and living is a two-way street.  And every once in a while, life catches me up and I'm so inspired, so driven that I can't take time out to write for fear of missing something while I do. That's where I've been lately.  In the garden.  At the sewing machine.  Taking long dawdling walks in the sunshine with my Little Miss.

Would you like to see a few of my projects?

This will be a sweater for Miss S.  It's by far the most involved crochet that I've done, but it's turning out well.  I'm using this pattern.  I have the back panel completed.

I'm also sewing a couple of play dresses for Miss S.  Frustrated with the selection of toddler patterns from the usual sources, I'm trying a PDF pattern for the first time.  This is the "Anywhere Dress" available from Go To Patterns.  So far so good.

There are some new items in my Etsy shop too.  For summer I thought I'd branch out a little and make a line of casual table linens.

The Sea Breeze collection is already the shop and I'm itching to get to work with this summery fabric combination.  I need a glass of lemonade just looking at it.

Now it's back to work for me, but I'll try to surface a little more frequently.  Do you have anything interesting on the go?


  1. Love that sweater project. You do such lovely work. The nautical linens would look well on a boat, wouldn't they? But I do love those birds....
    On the go - a jacket project for myself, but that will have to wait as I'm off to teach English and Socials today, including the court scene from Merchant of Venice. "The quality of mercy..."

  2. Oh that turquoise is eyecatching...and my favorite color. What a cutie dress, she is going to love it.


  3. Love your honesty. Besides trying to keep up with my life and littles, my current projects are animal related, raising some chicks and trying to find a mate for our German Shepherd, not so glamorous. :)

  4. That bird fabric is so wonderful- can't wait to see what you do with it!

  5. I am back in school and it's crunch time so I have no time for projects right now. In the summer I may pick something up again. I love the summery fabric and the pattern for the sweater is beautiful. You are doing such a nice job with it.