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Tuesday 29 September 2015

A morning walk

The sea is placid today.  Pacific.  Passive.  Reflecting sky and hills, still green.  Amplifying gull cries; highlighting wingtips with sparkle and spray.  Retreating in a long exhale of tide.

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  1. Beautiful photos - I especially like the close up of the shell. And your expression "a long exhale of tide" is lovely.

  2. Stunning images, and you captured my heart taking on a lovely walk by the ocean.


  3. I love morning walks and even more so on the beach. Yesterday I saw a shell looking very much the same as the one you photographed and didn't stop to take a picture. Thank you for sharing yours. It reminded me of how nice my walk was yesterday...It's raining here today and I can't get out.

  4. Beautiful photos and reflections. I like the shell photo too. It's raining buckets here today.

  5. Nice way to spend the morning. Love the shell photo.

  6. I always love to see the sea and each time is a new experience. Your photos are just lovely full of wonderful blues.