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Thursday 3 October 2013

One Project, Finished, and a Confession

It's done!  I finished my Wuthering Heights wreath (more about that here) with a simple plaid bow and a spray of fall coloured branches and beads.  It has found a home on my mantle, but due to the weather and the whirlwind who is my daughter, I couldn't get a good picture there -- too dark during nap time.  Here it is, basking by the patio door.

A confession:  I'm very proud to have finished this project within a week.  There was nothing complicated or especially time consuming about it.  It's just that I have a dismal track record when it comes to finishing such things.  Why is a fall wreath imagined more alluring than an actual fall wreath?  Why do the creative juices stir and then go stagnant?  Why is starting more fun than finishing?  

Is your track record for finishing projects any better than mine?  Please share your secrets.

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  1. Well.....you know my track. I have nothing. to. say.

  2. Me too! It is so difficult to finish things. The deadlines of school have helped a lot...and I hope are building solid habits for finishing things in the future. Here is a quirky thing though: I find endless joy is using up supplies. Like a spool of thread, or a roll of tape. When I need to actually go and buy more pins, because I have used mine so much they are no longer sharp, I feel that I am accomplishing something. So much satisfaction.

    1. I'm using up lots of thread these days -- all the half used ones. Guess I'm accomplishing lots!