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Friday 11 October 2013


I took the camera into the yard with me yesterday afternoon.  Overall, the garden has that tangled, thinning look of fall, but a few bright spots hold their ground.  Dahlias and purple mums bloom until frost and succulents thrive in the cooler weather.  I'm not sure what those white flowers are.  A bush from our neighbour's yard has hopped the fence.  Far be it from me to cut back anything that flowers white in autumn.

Since embarking on this blog and my creative journey, I've become more observant -- or maybe just more willing to stop and observe.  The simple act of taking a picture requires noticing, pausing, circling, composing.  It's about seeing beauty and interacting briefly with it.  Best of all, these momentary flashes of creative energy -- this noticing -- fit around and between the demands of motherhood.  While snapping the above photos, for example, I was playing peekaboo with this little sweetheart.

And that brings me to thankfulness.  This is a weekend (in Canada, at least) to sit around a turkey dinner with family and reflect on the goodness in our lives.  Family.  Abundant food.  Health.  Freedom.  I remember that two years ago on this day Gary and I learned that we would be parents.  One journey ended and another began.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.  
His love endures forever. 
--from Psalm 136--
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  1. A beautiful post. Brings tears to my eyes to remember the joy of that day two years ago. And now we have Little Miss S who delights us in so many ways. God is good.

  2. Hello Cristal, nice to meet you! Your garden blooms are so pretty and I enjoyed reading your post. Happy (late) Thanksgiving and I hope you had some nice family time, specially with your sweet little one there. We sure are lucky to live where we do (I'm on the Island too, in Victoria) aren't we having a wonderful Fall weather-wise??

  3. Hi Cristal, I'm visiting from Lorrie's blog and am excited to see and meet a new Canadian blogger. Your flowers are still very beautiful in your moderate climate and your little one is adorable. I live and blog from New Brunswick. Blessings, Pamela

  4. Love the style and content of your flower collage, Cristal. Such a sweet shot of you and your little darling.