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Tuesday 6 May 2014

A Walk on the Beach

A fight to the death.  Seagull and crab.  G and I delay our progress down the beach to watch.  We're interested, curious, but not emotionally involved, and certainly not naive enough to root for the underdog.  

It's a good thing too, because when the gull has flown our inspection of the scene turns up nothing but scattered legs and a fragment of exoskeleton.  Not every walk on the beach yields such epic entertainment, such hard evidence that life is not all sparkling sun and lapping waves.  Nature -- and life -- has a dark side.

I feel the fundamental tensions these days.  Light and dark.  Celebration and sorrow.  Life and death.  Young green shoots stretch for the sun.  Spent tulips discolour, crumple.  The neighbours have a new baby.  Cancer has interrupted.  Too soon.  More cancer.

In case you're wondering or worrying, I'm celebrating right now.  An anniversary.  A birthday.  The richness and deepness of my life.  But when someone celebrates, someone else is grieving.  Tension.


  1. Deep and thoughtful post . . . and lovely photographs. Glad you are in celebration mode.

  2. Ah Life. These are nice, if melancholy, thoughts, sometimes melancholy is what we need...

  3. Yes. I wrote something along the same lines. You are much more succinct. Life - full of ups and downs.

  4. It's the dichotomy of life isn't it...we are up, someone else is down. Seems like every joy has a bad moment, but maybe in those sad moments we can appreciate our joys, and hold them close to our hearts.