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Monday 2 June 2014

Finding Joy

It's all the little things that are bringing me joy these days.  All the seasonal treats, the pleasures of early summer. 

A bowl of itty bitty, sunny sweet strawberries -- still among the first from our patch.

Leisurely strolls with my favorite people.

Arugula pesto and goat cheese for breakfast, lunch and snack.

Watching some things fade so something else can take their place.

Something like a new colour of Columbine from the farmer's market.

Quiet evenings with pretty yarn and new ideas.

Puttering in my Etsy shop and adding these pretty crochet baskets to the line up.

What's bringing you joy these days?


  1. Love these baskets!! Camping is definitely bringing me JOY! As well as sunshine.

  2. I like the expression of something fading away to make room for something else to bloom. To everything there is a season.

  3. Oh my! Those crochet baskets are adorable! I'll go peek in your Etsy shop! Hugs!

  4. That arugula Pesto looks so good!

  5. Beautiful Cristal. Your baskets are gorgeous. Well done. xxoo

  6. Those baskets are beautiful Cristal!! We're just starting to enjoy our strawberries too, oh sooo good! That arugula pesto and goat cheese looks great too - I'd have that for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

  7. mmmm.. the pesto and goat cheese look so delicious! is the arugula from your garden?

  8. Hello again Cristal .. I wanted to comment on these baskets ... they are perfect pockets !
    We lived on Vancouver Island for a while in Comox/Courtney .. what a gorgeous place to live : )

  9. Mmmm. Arugula pesto sounds delicious and the baskets are lovely.

    Something bringing me joy? One thing would be sitting in the garden with a morning coffee and having a waft of fragrance dance by . . .