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Thursday 2 April 2015

DIY Non-Plastic Easter Basket Fluff

An Easter basket just isn't an Easter basket without a few handfuls of fluff to nestle everything into.  Fluff.  You know, those strands of coloured plastic that the box stores sell in small bags beside the chocolate bunnies.

It's Easter basket tradition.  But this year I just couldn't bring myself to buy it.  Plastic fluff may be pretty, but it's still plastic.  We pay good money for it, use it once and contribute it to the landfill.

No longer!  I made my own this year.  It cost virtually nothing, took only seconds and looks great.  Here's how:

You'll Need:
- A paper shredder.  We use this small one for our receipts.
- Several sheets of newsprint paper.  This is the dollar store stuff that my daughter uses for colouring.  it's cheap and made from recycled fiber.

Watch your fingers and shred away.

If the colours are important to you, try shredding coloured paper or letting your kids draw all over the paper before shredding it.  I prefer to let my coloured eggs shine bright against a neutral backdrop.

Best of all, when Easter is over you can add your Basket Fluff to the compost pile instead of the landfill.

Happy Easter!


  1. Super idea! Years ago, I avoided adding to the landfill by simply keeping our "grass" from year to year in the big holiday box; recently - because I got fed up with shreddings all over the place after the great unpacking Easter morning - we've nestled the eggs in amongst small stuffed animals.

  2. Great idea! And the neutral color lets the eggs shine. Beautiful dye job, by the way!