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Wednesday 15 April 2015

Works in Progress: Crochet Cloths

It's really starting to look like we're moving.  Piles of boxes line the dining room walls and the cupboards and cabinets house-wide are increasingly empty.  This is all very good, but I've had to slow the packing a bit as we still have to live here for another 4 weeks.  

Somewhere in all those boxes are my sewing things.  As luck would have it, I'm feeling especially inspired to sew this week.  Pawing through fabric and patterns (to pack them) will do that.  

So I've been expending my creative energies via crochet.  I needed some new dish cloths, so I tried out a couple of patterns and picked my favorite.  Then I kept going.

I''m a little obsessed with these flower-topped bundles.  They're great fun to line up and admire.  These are already up in the Dapple Shop with a few more colours to come.

I've also begun something on a whim because I saw it on Pinterest.  Oh Pinterest.

Just one square doesn't look like much, but maybe I'll make enough for this retro circles blanket.

What colours would you combine with this blue?


  1. These little dishcloth packages are adorable! I'd never untie it and use it! With the aqua circle/square, red would be bright and cheery, or yellow, a bit softer.

  2. OK, that's the very first time in my entire [and I lived through the 80's lace and victorian craze!!] that I have ever seen a dishcloth crocheted like that and truly thought...that's adorable. Cristal you are onto something big, lol. Way to go.


  3. Sweet dishcloth bundles! I love the little posy on the top. As for the retro circles how about orange and yellow? Something beachy-looking. ;) Enjoy.

  4. Beautiful dishcloth packets. what lovely colours you have used.

  5. the little bundles look adorable! I love that retro circle, it would look great with yellow and maybe a darker grey.

  6. such sweet little bundles. I love the retro circles blanket...not sure about what color I would combine though