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Thursday 13 February 2014

For the Love of Food and Sanity

This was a fun moment.  Before settling into some serious beater licking, Little Miss had been right up on the counter, spooning dry ingredients into the mixer.  This is our standard arrangement for baking.  It's fun.  It's laid back.  We laugh lots and make a big mess.  But having a kitchen helper is not always desirable, especially in the hour before supper time when everyone's daily allotment of patience is used up.

I've been thinking a lot about food lately, tweaking how and when I prepare it, trying to avoid the kitchen after four o'clock and still serve up healthy, tasty suppers.  Of course I'm not the only one trying to reach this holy grail of homemaking.  Pinterest is chocked with recipes for freezer meals and slow cooker meals, even meals that you can put in your freezer and then in your slow cooker. Yikes!  I thought I was so clever to chop my vegetables and make my sauces in the morning.

Last week Little Miss was sick and I suddenly saw the appeal of pre-made food.  As I tentatively wade into these waters, I'm wondering what your experiences have been with making meals ahead of time.  Do you sacrifice health or flavour or texture for convenience or is there a way to have it all?

On tonight's menu:  Kale and potato soup from the freezer, cucumber slices and wild rice and onion bread, which I did manage to bake today.


  1. Well, you know my thoughts on the matter. Love the photo of Little Miss with her face a mess. Delightfully fun! Lots of good food from your kitchen.

  2. Hi Cristal
    Ooh I love the sound of your dinner - it's full of healthy goodness too!
    I'm just getting into bread making and your wild rice and onion bread sounds delicious.

    My daughter has three girls and the two older girls have after school activities two days a week which means they all arrive home late.
    On one of these nights they have pizza, from a little man who drives a blue van so it is known as "Blue Van Pizza Night"!!!

    On the second night they have soup and baguette followed by cheese (the french always have cheese at the end of lunch and dinner) the girls just have a small piece each!

    To overcome the "zero hour" melt downs on the other days, she has adapted and keeps to her easy recipes of grilled meat or chicken with rice, pasta or potato plus a salad of fresh greens with carrots, celery etc. She said it gets boring but as she works a couple of hours in their business she doesn't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen on weekdays.
    She doesn't have a large chest freezer so she can't double up a meal and freeze it.
    During winter she makes healthy vegetable soups and casseroles - one pot dishes.
    One of the girls is a fussy eater and only wants pasta or soup!!!

    She hasn't got a crock pot/slow cooker but I couldn't live without mine in winter.

    I hope you get some comments from other young mums to share ideas.
    Your little Miss looks a picture of health Cristal!


  3. That is a sweet little face! Your dinner sounds delicious. I'll leave the words of wisdom to similarly young moms with families, rather than someone cooking for one. (Although, it is nice to make extra portions and have things tucked away in the freezer.)


  4. We don't have little ones in our house, so I really don't have any of those kinds of tips for you...wondering if there is a forum that you could join in and ask.

    Great ideas though aren't they?