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Tuesday 18 February 2014

The lights went out.  My Little  Miss was in her bath and I had just commented to her that the wind was really whipping around out there.  Then there was a violent flicker and dark.

After plucking a wet and frightened little girl from the bath and settling her -- warm and soothed -- into her bed, Gary and I faced an evening by candlelight.  On Friday night we had sat across a restaurant table from each other, bathed in the dim glow of commercialized romance.  This was different -- candlelight imposed on our regular life.

Drawing on a poignant memory from my childhood (when the power went off much more frequently) I took a candlelight shower.  While my hair dried, I sat with Gary.  We filled the living room with warm, flickering light and listened to the storm rage.  We talked.  I crocheted for a while and thought of all the fine handwork done by candlelight years ago.  I thought of the poor souls from the Hydro company who must be working on the lines somewhere out there.

When the lights flashed obtrusively back on we turned them out and went to bed.


  1. Lots to think about here - the effect of darkness on little ones, our reliance on electricity, memories of years gone by. Lovely post and photo.

  2. We had a thunderstorm, some lightening, and boom out went the power last night. Brrr cold when there is snow on the ground, but thankfully it came back on.

    Good for you for making the most of the darkness.