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Wednesday 5 March 2014

Into the Garden

After days and days of downpour it was finally time to get outside.  Rain or no rain, here I come.  Imagine my surprise when, emerging from the house, I didn't get wet.  In fact, my walk to the grocery store got brighter and brighter.  "Sunny?" questions Miss S.  "Yes" I tell her, "look, there's a patch of blue sky."  She was tickled pink.  Blue sky.  What a funny thing.

Here she sits, enjoying that fleeting patch of sky and munching an apple while I inspect the garden and officially start spring clean up.


  1. She looks utterly content and happy. Love the blue muddy buddy.

  2. Oh- I am so envious- we've had a few sunny spring like days here- It's so nice my girls don't want to come inside!