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Thursday 13 March 2014

Stitching Bliss

Evenings are for remembering to think and breathe, for rhythmic pursuits that leave the imagination free to roam.  

Lately, I've been filling my evenings with short and long stitch in three shades of creamy yellow.  It's the precision of this work that appeals to me, as well as the freedom.  There are no patterns or counted stitches, just an outline -- a suggestion of shape -- and floss to paint with one tiny stitch at a time.

My mind wonders back through the day to sift and interpret, to remember and smile.  I have conversations with people I saw today and characters from books I'm currently reading.  I think of my mother-in-law who gave me this set of linen place mats from her stash because she doesn't like embroidery.  I wonder if I'll ever finish them and realize that I don't really care.  On the way up to bed, I notice my cup of tea, still half full and cold.

What do you do to unwind at end of day?


  1. Lovely stitching. Handwork in the evenings is so relaxing. I've been making hexies lately.

  2. Chores are what I should be doing, but I like to hide away in my room and read blogs instead, and maybe post on mine. :)

  3. A beautiful post Cristal. I like to knit or sew. xxoo