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Thursday 26 March 2015

Burlap Birdies

These adorable little birdies are the result of an bad bout of boredom and an overfull scrap box.  They're bright and cheerful in a simple way.  They make me smile.

I'm repainting a small wooden frame to catch the blue one in.  Something fresh to hang in my new house.

Given the popularity of my Simple Burlap Place Mats over on Etsy, I'm wondering about making a set of Burlap Birdie Place Mats.  Which design do you like best?


  1. I like the top one for it's colors and solid shape against the burlap.

  2. The blue is my favorite, but then you might have guessed that!

  3. I'm a blue kind of girl...love both, but the blue tweets a song to me.

    Hope that everything is going fine and it's all going smoothly.