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Friday 20 March 2015

Tags Tags Tags

The Great Sorting Out has begun in advance of our May move (yep, we're moving; more on that later) and the craft room is at the eye of the storm.  I'm coming across the most amazing things.  Projects begun and never finished (terrible, I know).  Supplies for projects never begun (cringe).  And a few real treasures in the bottoms of boxes.  Like these . . .

and these . . .

There're left over from my book paper crafting bonanza of a year or two back.  I punched my way through thrift store copies of Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice in a matter of months (if you're interested, you can view some of the results here and here).  Then the obsession passed.

Today I came across a very few leftover tags.  Guess what.  They're still as cute a can be!  Creamy paper.  Black typeface.  A little jute.  A little love.

But I'm moving, so these pretty little tags are going into the shop and you (lucky you) may have them if they call your name.


  1. They are pretty. And such a sweet note on the last tag.

  2. They are the cutest little things, you are so very creative. Make sure to leave yourself a few crafting supplies to play with just to detox from the move...you would be surprised what you end up longing for if it's all packed away.


  3. I love art that includes print. Beautiful!

  4. These are sweet tags Cristal. You're moving? I've never moved in 38 years. Imagine trying to sort through and pack up 38 years of stuff. :) I hope you have a good and productive week. Pam