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Tuesday 24 March 2015

Somewhere New

In a city that draws bus-loads of tourists to Butchart Gardens, you might understand how the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific escapes notice.  I had never heard of it, and certainly never visited, until last weekend. 

Perhaps I would never have visited had Miss S not been invited to a birthday party there.

A flock of pre-schoolers swooped and swirled through the mazy pathways in search of treasure (chocolate coins and dollar store bead necklaces) before settling down to a feast of cut veggies and cake.  What fun!

But not the best way to take in the gardens.  I did notice an abundance of Heather and Hellebore.  There seemed to be a Japanese garden with a steam and a bridge.  I got off a very few photos, chalked the Horticultural Centre up to a delightful discovery and resolved to return soon on my own terms.

Have you made any new discoveries this spring?


  1. Looks like a sweet spot. will have to check it out when next I make it to the island.

  2. It's a great place to wander - not so many crowds. Did you know that it's free on the last (or third) Thursday of the month? We could plan a meet up.....

  3. This sounds like a nice place to visit again when one can take more time. I loved the Butchart Gardens when we visited them many years ago.

  4. Beautiful photos dear, i wait for my blog, follow me and i Follow you back, kisses