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Thursday 23 January 2014

A Moment in the Life

Dazzled by all the beautiful online glimpses of other people's lives, I set myself a little challenge this afternoon.  While the Little Miss napped, I crept through the house to search out my own bits of macro beauty.  The rules:  no cleaning up before taking the shot, no arranging or turning to catch the light.  In short, no touching.  Just document the moment.  Take a freeze frame of life to see if there is anything lovely -- anything thought-provoking or meaningful or blog-worthy -- in this very ordinary moment of my life.

Would you like to see what I found?

Tea, anyone?  My Little Miss loves setting her tea table on the ottoman.  She stirs and pours and narrates.  Soup.  Tea.  More more.  Salsa.  There's always something new on the menu.

Just a few feet away, my crochet project sits on the couch.  Last night yarn hook came to hand and I didn't know quite what I wanted to make until it was done.  What should I do with it?

Don't trip on the train!

Piled atop the sewing machine, another project.  This one was started with more intention (but I won't tell you how long ago) and is almost done.  It's a shirt for me.

Sitting pretty on the dining room table, a bunch of rosemary.  A little green from the garden goes a long way on a rainy winter day.

And that, friends, is a what I found in this ordinary moment.  

I'm still trying to settle on my reasons for blogging and what I want to write about.  It's a process, a growth curve.  I think this little challenge has helped.  Blogging is quickly becoming, for me, a way to freeze an ordinary moment and examine it for meaning or beauty or even ambiguity.  It plays toward the examined life.  And the shared life, because I'm starting to make friends and look in on their moments.  

What's laying around your house right now?


  1. These are really lovely glimpses of your life, my dear. Your photographs are evocative and tell stories. I love that. You are making leaps and strides in your photography skills. My favorite: the tea set on the ottoman. I can hear that little voice.

    To answer your question - there's a lot of junk laying around my house just now and it's starting to drive me crazy!

  2. I love how you took seemingly unconnected items and shot them, and showed the how they all link together...I could see this as a black and white series...it's inspiring. Funny thing, I was sitting here brainstorming, and thinking what fun it would be to do a day in the life post...and here is yours.


  3. I love this post! If you captured my home right now, you'd find piles of homeschooling books (we're learning about the Middle Ages!), Legos (everywhere), remnants of a whirlwind decision to bake cookies late in the day with my three daughters (ages 7, 6, & 3), and winter gear hung to dry by the pellet stove (we have about 2ish feet of snow, here in NH).

    Thank you for sharing! My youngest daughter loves to play tea party and yes, the menu is always changing :)

    1. We had some Lego around today too. I think your youngest would get along well with Miss S.