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Friday 17 January 2014

Sunny Day

Sunshine is good for the soul, and more so in the winter.  A couple of days ago I opted to forgo my usual suburban stroll to the library or playground in favour of a nature walk with the Little Miss.  We have lots of options for walking around lakes, along beaches, through forests, but they all require a short drive.  Some how that presents a mental hurdle.  I made the leap and, like always, it was worth it.  

My Little Miss moves at a burst and bust pace with unending commentary offered in single words -- run run, water, tweet tweet.  That leaves me plenty of time to notice things with eyes and lens.  Shadows.  The violent green colour of moss against a washed-out winter world.  The changing sky.  Red wing blackbirds.  Reflections on the lake.  We're not far enough away for true quiet, but city sounds fade and leave space for wind in branches and hidden birds.  Little Miss delights in the sound of her feet on the path -- walk walk, stomp stomp.  Love her.  I unwind.  For a moment, I live in the moment.

Then it's snack time.  

Something about the fresh air and the sunshine (weak and fleeting as it was) produced a tingle in my soul -- a rush of vitamin D, a smile -- and wakened a longing for more.  

Have the winter blues hit you?  What gets you through?


  1. Beautiful words, and of course the photos. Peaceful, tranquil. That little miss is a go-getter. For me - a walk outdoors does the same thing.

  2. I'm loving the perspective of the lake, and the wooden walkway...

    Anything that gets us outside is great, and she looks like she is having such fun.


  3. Thank you for visiting! Loving the pics of your little Miss.

  4. Amazing captures, the first shot is lovely. And your little one is so precious. Thanks for visiting my blog recently. Hope to see you back again. Take care.

    Mersad Donko Photography