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Wednesday 8 January 2014

Enjoying the View

The view from BC Ferries is always a treat.  This time was no exception.  By seven o'clock I was up and dressed.  I had already entrusted a sleepy Little Miss to her Nana, made my way to the terminal, bought my ticket and boarded the boat.  All was dark on the water, so I treated myself to coffee and eggs in the cafeteria and watched the other passengers -- mostly business people and other locals who, like me, had their own reasons to rise early and visit the mainland.

An hour into the crossing, the sky began to glow and I hit the deck with my camera.  It was cold, just above freezing.  The boat hummed beneath me and the occasional cry of a seagull pierced the salty wind.  All else was quiet.  Sky and water blushed pink, then orange as we turned through Active Pass and pushed into the open straight.  In an instant, the sun rose.

I passed a lovely day in Vancouver with my sister.  We talked and drank tea and walked through Gas Town.  Wonderful but short.  Before I knew it, I was back on the boat.

By the last light of the day I got off a few shots of the container loading port across the bay.  All was dark again before the ferry left its birth.  I don't know if I've ever savored sunrise and sunset of the same day.  Have you?


  1. These are lovely photos, Cristal. My two favorites are the one with the sun coming up and a gull flying across, and the other is the one with the long line of lights reflecting down into the water. Really great shots.

  2. These are beautiful!!! Yes, I have been known, many times, to greet the dawn and say goodbye to the sun as night falls. This is especially true on vacations when I'm chasing the light! Your "blue hour" photos are downright magical!